2 in 1 EM Contouring & EM Bella What is the HIFEM? EM-Countering is an affective way to improve your fitness level, body image and well-being in far less time Utilizing cutting-edge technology, an advanced non-liquid cooling system, premium insulated materials, and a precise magnetic pulse mechanism, this state-of-the-art device seamlessly adapts to various environments. […]

Sonoscape S60

Sonoscape S60 Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System

The SonoScape S60 adopts the intelligent Wis+ platform to help ultrasound professionals acquire and interpret ultrasound images more efficiently and precisely. It is a premium system that keeps your practice at the forefront of ultrasound examinations and enables you to provide meticulous care for patients. Wis+ Artificial Intelligence Based Ultrasound Platform Wis+ uses deep-learning algorithms […]