HKN-93C is an infant radiant warmer with multiple functions. With professionalism and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a more comprehensive and open nursing environment for babies.



Adjustable Angle
Horizontal angle of warmer module and tilt angle of the bassinet can be adjusted

Split Screen Display
Split screen display of various values, with APGAR timing function, phototherapy timing function, etc.

Vertical Height Adjustable
With the function of height adjustment

• Three control modes: Pre-warm mode control, manual mode control and baby mode
• Set temperature and baby temperature can be displayed separately
• Horizon angle of warmer module and inclination of the bassinet can be adjusted
• The panels around bassinet can be turned outward and flipped down
• X-ray cassette under the bassinet
• APGAR timer
• Failure alarm indications
• RS232 connector for data output
• Configured with Infant T-Piece Resuscitator, air oxygen blender / oxygen supply device, Suction Unit (Venturi)
• Integrated bilirubin phototherapy unit

Model: DAVID HKN-93C
Brand: DAVID