HKN-93CS is an infant radiant warmer with multiple functions. With professionalism and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a more comprehensive and open nursing environment for babies.



· Three control modes : Pre-warm mode control,manual mode control and baby mode control by micro-computer
· Main touchable screen : Main touchable screen dispalys various information
· Horizon angle : Horizon angle of warmer module and inclination of the bassinet can be adjusted
· X-ray cassette : X-ray cassette under the bassinet
· Non-electronic : Gas operated for emergency respiratory care,non-electronic
· Oxygen concentration adjustment : Equipped with oxygen concentration adjustment and flow meter,adjusted separately with no cross impact
· High accuracy of adjustment and steady gas output : Ability to deliver a continuous flow of 21~100% oxugen with high accuracy of adjustment and steady gas output
· Vertical Height Adjustment System : The height can be adjusted freely while operating.Meet the operation of medical staff of different heights
· Acrylic Glass Panel : The panels aroud bassinet can be turned outward and flipped down

Brand: DAVID