Transform your analogue mobile x-ray room into a DR imaging system with the FDR Go Flex. Flexible and easy. Smart Switch technology makes the FDR Go Flex the ultimate retrofit system for all mobile analogue X-ray machines.


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The FDR Go Flex system consists of several components
  • FDR Go Flex Utility Box with two batteries (wireless controller)
  • Alternatively, four DR compatible cartridges (each including two batteries)FDR D-EVO G35i (Szintillator: GOS, Format 35x43cm)
    FDR D-EVO G43i (Szintillator: GOS, Format 43x43cm)
    FDR D-EVO plus C24i (Szintillator: CsI, Format 24x30cm)
    FDR D-EVO plus C35i (Szintillator: CsI, Format 35x43cm)
  • Console Advance
The system is tailored to your needs

The compact, wireless FDR Go flex can be laid out exactly to your specific requirements. The Utility Box is designed to fit into the cassette box of various mobile analog X-ray units.

It’s flexible

The FDR Go flex can be used with a diverse array of units in hospitals, clinics or other medical institutions, with no modification of the mobile analogue X-ray units required. As the FDR Go flex can also be carried outside the hospital, it facilitates a variety of medical needs including patient home care.

You benefit from fast imaging

Preview images are displayed only two seconds after an exposure is made meaning images can be checked quickly thus improving efficiency.

The FDR Go Flex uses the latest Fujifilm technologies
  • ISS technology

Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology has been newly developed by Fujifilm and is used in all flat panel detectors (except Mammography). Information readout with these unique detectors is performed from the front side/irradiation side of the panel. When using ISS technology the detector efficiency (DQE) is improved. Additionally, the sharpness of the detector as expressed in the modulation transfer function (MTF) is also increased. This unique sampling method also allows for the use of a thicker layer of scintillator material within the detector, further increasing the DQE whilst avoiding the usual compromise in MTF

  • Smart switch technology

Auto X-Ray detection means no need for direct connection to the generator

Console Advance Mobile

The control console is equipped with enhanced software and an improved workflow user interface which is easily customised to suit your needs. It also offers advanced features, a new image processing software, the ROI image processing as well as a re-designed GUI.

Console advance has clear indicators of detector readiness, battery level and wireless connection.