Genrui KT-6400

KT 6400 is an innovative 3-diff hematology analyzer with 60 samples/ hour , self-developed LYSE and DILUENT are tested
to be perfectly matching the instrument to provide accurate results for our users, even in the low PLT tests. Less reagents, low reagent consumption is another competitive feature for the market to release users’ financial pressure. High-efficient
operation procedure and high throughput help our users minimize their workload. More benefits are waiting for you to explore.


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  • High efficiency and convenience: 60 samples per hour, minimize your workload ; 1 press for analysis with 20 parameters+3 histograms
  • Complete diagnostic solution: Two reagents only(500ml LYSE, 20L DILUENT), cost-effective ; International brand control and calibrator provided, high quality
  • Powerful data management: Store 100,000 results, large memory ; Easy to check history results, humanized design ;
    Support LIS, easy data transmission
  • Intelligent design: Intelligent software menu for hardware diagnosis ;  Advanced high voltage and flush to remove blockage automatically