Simply get your DR Upgrade

Improve your workflow through immediate image acquisition
♦ Light weight
♦ 3 seconds for full image
♦ Portable
♦ 127 / 140 micron pixel pitch
♦ Wired / Wireless
♦ Usable for medical and vet




Flat Detector
This cassette type detector allows you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology without deforming the bucky tray. Its 15mm thickness allows the systems using film and CR to be easily digitalized, and its reduced dead space helps the user take images of large surface areas without difficulty. In addition its removable handle increases user’s convenience.

Improved Workflow through Immediate Image Reading
Using the Detector will speed up your workflow and will provide additional flexibility by helping you avoid additional work such as film developing for analog X-Ray systems, cassette replacement etc. In particular, it reduces image preview time to just 1 second to help you finalize the body position of patients, thereby significantly reducing the wait time for both patients and staffs.

Friendly Design for User Comfort
Cable is separable from the Detector panel and thereby easily replaced.

Wide Image Area, Significantly Reduced Dead Space
Cable is separable from the Detector panel and thereby easily replaced. Also, included a removable handle for easier mobility, allowing for utilization in a variety of positions.

Impact Indicator
If the product receives a significant impact, the impact Detector changes from white to red, allowing the user to quickly identify a malfunction.

Model: 1717 WIRED / WIRELESS