SONOSCAPE P40 Elite High-End Ultrasound System

The SonoScape P40 Elite system raises the bar for flexibility and intelligence. As stable as ever, the P40 Elite increases its signal transmission and reception processors, resulting in increased sensitivity and more accurate echo detection. Furthermore, the SonoScape P40 Elite is outfitted with a diverse set of transducers that use cutting-edge technology, ensuring a reliable diagnostic experience. Quality performance across all applications.


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The system, which has been enhanced with sophisticated imaging architecture and probe technologies, increases diagnostic capacity and quality across a wide range of applications.

  • Adaptive Multi-beam Imaging Dynamic Color Single Crystal Transducer for Scan
  • Design for Ergonomics
  • LED monitor with articulated arm, 21.5″
  • Adjustable touch screen 13.3″
  • Control panel that rotates and adjusts in height
  • Gel Warmer
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection