The P40 ultrasound system enhances usability, reliability and image quality, giving you a simple and convenient diagnostic experience. Specialized in diagnosis of the abdomen, OB, GYN, breast, cardiology and MSK, the P40 is also available for either immediate triage or a comprehensive exam.


  • Consistent Quality Performance Across Applications
    Enhanced with an advanced imaging architecture and probe technologies, the system enlarges diagnostic capacity and quality across a wide range of applications.
  • Single Crystal Transducer
    Wide band single crystal probes greatly improve signal ratio, acquire stunning images and provide superior sensitivity and resolution for both the near and far fields.
  • µ-Scan+
    The new generation µ-Scan imaging technology gives you better image quality by reducing noise, improving signal strength and improving visualization.
  • Dynamic Color
    Improves upon already existing color Doppler technologies for a clearer capture of color flow and detailed visualization of even tiny veins with lower velocities.

Improving Women’s Healthcare by Envisioning More

  • S-live Silhouette
    A unique transperant 3D anatomical image of the fetus for improved initial anatomical review.
  • Auto Face
    Automatically removes masking layers in front of the fetus’s face for a clearer visualization of the fetus’s face.
  • Pelvic Floor 4D
    Provides useful clinical assessment of judging whether the pelvic organs prolapsed or not, and the extent of prolapse.
  • Auto NT
    Auto NT automatically traces and calculates the thickness of the nuchal posterior transplant layer for a faster evaluation.
  • AVC Follicle
    AVC Follicle automatically identifies how many follicies are present and calculates their individual volumes.
  • S-Guide
    S-Guide gives the user an extensive list of example obstetic ultrasound images to be used as reference guides and a check list during the examination.