SONOSCAPE P60 AI EXP Premium Women Healthcare Ultrasound System

Sonoscape P60 Exp is designed to reform the practice at the frontend of women’s healthcare through continuous innovation. With a remarkable breakthrough in exceptional acoustic architecture and superior imaging capability, Sonoscape P60 Exp delivers true value to the detection and diagnosis of routine to complex cases in women’s health exams. The adoption of AI on P60 Exp not only simplifies the workflow greatly, but also provides enhanced reproducibility and consistency in measurement.

  • 21.5-inch LED Monitor
  • 13.3-inch Tilting Touch Screen
  • User-friendly Layout
  • Gel Warmer
  • Built-in Battery




S-Fetus is a user-friendly tool allowing fully automatic and accurate detection of the most significant planes and frequently used measurements of fetal biometry. With a cine loop of the fetal head, S-Fetus can extract the standard planes and display the measurement results in one second, reducing the required keystrokes and working time remarkably by several times. It is designed to transform obstetric ultrasound examinations into a much cozier, faster and more delightful experience.


S-Pelvic is an advanced tool designed to reinvent the way clinicians evaluate Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD). Due to highly intelligent capabilities, full automation of pelvic floor anatomy recognition, trace and measurement are now available, and can be achieved with one click at unprecedented ease. Moreover, S-Pelvic fulfills auto anterior compartment evaluation in 2D and auto levator hiatus evaluation in 3D/4D, and takes both rest and Valsalva maneuver into consideration, aiming to cover as many as possible steps and details in pelvic floor ultrasound and offer a comprehensive user experience.

4D HyCoSy with SPI

Color coded Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) is a proprietary feature on P60 Exp that can clearly demonstrate the arrival time of contrast agents into different parts of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. As a result, clinicians are provided with strong and confident evidence to investigate tubal patency for subfertile female.

Micro F

Micro F provides an innovative method to expand the range of visible flow in ultrasound, especially for visualizing slow flow tiny vessels. By adopting an advanced adaptive filter and accumulating temporal and spatial signals, Micro F can distinguish minute flow from overlaying tissue movement effectively, and depict hemodynamic with higher sensitivity and spatial resolution.

Smart 3D/4D

The new high density volume rendering engine of P60 Exp significantly optimizes signal processing and 3D rendering, making its volumetric performance outshines others in terms of high volume rates, exceptional details, and realistic effect. The comprehensive volume imaging suite extends your diagnostic capabilities into the next era of imaging with extraordinary image quality and streamlined workflow.

Streamlined Workflow

It is our commitment to make the user interaction with ultrasound as delightful and easy as possible through an ingenious design and diverse automation tools. P60 Exp is exactly a combination of both and enhances efficiency greatly by reducing keystrokes.

Optimized Design

The design of P60 Exp stresses simplicity and compactness but makes no compromise to powerful performance. Height adjustable and lateral rotatable panel and an articulating monitor arm can basically satisfy any requirements under different scanning conditions.