Syringe Luer Slip 1CC/1ML, 3CC/3ML, 5CC/5ML, 10CC/10ML, 20CC/ 20ML (100pcs Per Box)


– Single Use Syringe
– Sterile
– Non-Toxic
– Non-Pyrogenic
– Latex-Free

The luer slip syringe requires the medical staff to push the hypodermic needle onto the syringe end, creating a secure strong connection.


This type of syringe allows for a needle to be pushed on to the tip when required, they can be used for administration of medication and IM and subcutaneous injections. Its eccentric tip allows an attached needle to be in line with the syringe walls for accurate injection.

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1CC/1ML, 3CC/3ML, 5CC/5ML, 10CC/10ML, 20CC/20ML