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We are a healthcare solution provider mainly in medical diagnostic equipments and laboratory systems such as Ultrasound, E.C.G, C.T.G, Hematology analyzer, Urine analyzer, Vital signs monitor, Phototherapy light, Jaundice meter, Medical disposable items and many more. We also specialized on service maintenance and component level repairing of medical electronic device.

Medical technology, or medtech, encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and will be used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases/medical conditions affecting humans. Such technologies (applications of medical science) are intended to improve the quality of healthcare in early diagnosis, to provide less invasive treatment options and reductions in hospital stays and rehabilitation times. Recent advances in medical technology have also focused on cost reduction. Medical technology may broadly include medical devices, information technology, biotech, and healthcare services.

The impacts of medical technology may involve social and ethical issues. For example, physicians may seek objective information from technology rather than listening to subjective patient reports.


Diagnosis is often challenging, because many signs and symptoms are nonspecific. For example, redness of the skin (erythema), by itself, is a sign of many disorders and is subjective to the person although can be recognized by the doctors. Thus, it does not served the intended purposes for healthcare professionals to give proper diagnosis and treatment. In order to determine and give a most likely diagnosis, differential diagnosis must be performed in several possible explanations either compared or contrasted. This involves the correlation of various pieces of information followed by the recognition and differentiation of patterns. Occasionally the process is made easy by a sign or symptom (or a group of several) that is pathognomonic.

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