EIKON MEDICAL SOLUTIONS do offers medical equipment repair and maintenance services ranges from Ultrasound to other imaging modalities. We provide on site repair service and return services that cater the needs for the medical equipments to work at a peak performance without the risk of lost of revenue. We have experienced engineers that able to provide a cost effective alternative that tailored to your budget.

Our services as following:

  1. Live technical support
  2. 24/7 Telephone response for service calls
  3. 24-48 hours response for on-site repair
  4. Multi-Vendor Ultrasound, FBC, ECG and Other Equipment Repair Service
  5. Probe Repair/Exchange
  6. Replacement Parts (Peripherals, PC boards, Monitors, Trackball and etc)
  7. Service Contract

Our service engineered will support end user until the equipment is full operational condition. Please do not hesitate to call/ email us:

  • Complete information regarding the services
  • Arrange a schedule on the repair service for your existing ultrasound system, other equipment, parts and probes