Total Bilirubin Meter (Capilary Type) comes with TGM12 Centrifuge Machine. Made in Japan


Very quick measurement
– Max. one second measurement time.

Built-in printer
– Compact thermal printer is built in.

No lamp replacement
– BR-5200P does not need a lamp replacement thanks to the LED light source.

Easy set of the sample tube
– A sample gauge provided on the surface of BR-5200P, which indicates the proper sample volume to be inspected.
Only simple action is required to set the capillary tube into the holder.
Compact & light weight
BR-5200P foot print is small and weights only 1.7kg.

Handles hemolysis and turbidity easily
– The dual wavelength measuring method of BR-5200P eliminates interference of hemolysis and turbidity.

Computer connection.
– BR-5200P has a USB interface for connection with computer.

Free of calibration hassle
– Once BR-5200P is calibrated, no more daily calibration is required.