GTE Manual BP Set (round meter type)


Place the inflatable cuff on the right or left forearm making sure that its lower border is 102cm above the hollow of the elbow. Close the cuff so that its markings positioned on the artery and the diaphragm rests on the inside of biceps. In order to obtain an optimal reading, the diaphragm must be placed on the totally relaxes musculature. Check that the deflating valve on the bulb is tightly closed the rotation it anti-clockwise. insert the stethoscope chest piece under the cuff, then attached the ear pieces of the to the ears and start measuring by inflating the cuff to it maximum pressure which should not exceed the Expected maximum by more than 20-30mmHg .Open the exhaust Value a title by rotating in clockwise allow the air to escape as uniformly as possible at rate of 2-3mmHg per second.