Tailored for Advanced Cardiac Practice
SE-1202 12-Channel ECG, as a next-generation ECG workstation, provides a comprehensive set of cardiac diagnosis tools, delivering cutting-edge technologies to support your clinical decisions in cardiac practice.

SE-1202 12-Channel ECG is also equipped with exquisite glass-covered surface which supports easy cleaning and disinfection. Its foldable 10.1-inch fully touch screen ensures intuitive and easy use, improving user comfort. With a large data storage capacity (1000 ECG reports), it is also possible to transfer data via hard drive or SD card. The display of results is clear and simplified thanks to the colors and representations used, in order to help the cardiologist to interpret the results. The user can analyse, modify, measure, compare and confirm the results obtained without necessarily printing them.



– The desirable 10.1” capacitive touch screen presents a gorgeous trace view, coming along with easy operations on an on-screen toolbar with customisable hotkeys
– Foldable screen with living hinge design
– Waterproof capacitive keys with multi-color breathing lights enable easy cleaning and disinfection
– Includes 12-lead standard resting ECG, 9-lead resting ECG tailored for neonates, pharma study, vector ECG & timed vector ECG (VCG&TVCG), signal-average ECG (SAECG), heart rate variability (HRV), and ST-view (Intuitive Display of ST-segment)
– A 1800-second recording available for either pretreatment diagnosis or post-treatment evaluations when a prolonged practice is required
– Auto Arrhythmia Detection in which arrhythmia trace segments can be highlighted on display with automatic saving strips for further analysis
– Allows a complete paperless workflow with all measurements and diagnosis on screen, correctly and coherently (any waveform segments can be amplified and measured, any report can be edited and confirmed, any two reports can be selected and compared)