SONOSCAPE P10 – 2D Color Doppler

The P10 color Doppler ultrasound system is designed to provide our clinicians with high quality images, abundant probe selection, various clinical tools and automatic analysis software. With the help of P10, a smart and thoughtful experience is created to address growing demand for different clinical applications.


  • SR Flow
    More effectively filtering out tissue movement from low velocity blood flow signals, SR Flow helps to suppress overflow and present excellent blood flow profile.
  • Real-time Panoramic
    With real-time panoramic, you can acquire an extended field of view for large organs or lesions for easy diagnosis and easy measurement.
  • WideScan
    WideScan enables an expanded view angle for both linear and convex probes, especially useful for a complete view for large lesions and anatomic structures.
  • Versatile Probe Solution
    Comprehensive selection of probes to maximize its capabilities to meet a wide range of applications including abdomen, pediatric, OB/GYN, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, etc. The advanced probe technologies also effectively secure an excellent image quality and bring sufficient clinical confidence to clinicians.
    ♦ Convex Probe 3C-A
    ♦ Linear Probe L741
    ♦ Phase Array Probe 3P-A
    ♦ Endocavity Probe 6V1