YUWELL 2 in 1 Sphygmomanometer & Stethoscope Kit

Accurate measurement: Gain precise insights into your blood pressure with reliable data.

Durable comfort: Resistant to corrosion, wear, and deformation, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

Simple and user-friendly: Designed for everyone, making it easy for anyone to use and monitor family health.

High-quality and reliable: Prioritize the health of your family by being well-prepared with superior, quality products.


Display method: Features a dual-scale display using rulers for accurate readings.

Mercury leakproof: Equipped with a mercury film on the top of the test tube to prevent leaks.

Basic error: Maintains a minimal basic error of ±3.75mmHg for precise measurements.

Sensitivity: Exhibits a sensitivity of ≥2.25mmHg, ensuring reliable and responsive results.

Package included: Includes a complete set packaged in a blue plastic box for convenience.