– Number of channels – 1-channel
– Type infusion – continuous, programmed automatic bolus, volume/time, volumetric, ambulatory, multi-function
– Other characteristics – programmable


Screen: 2.8 inch LCD color touch screen
Waterproof: IP44
EN1789:2014 certified, fits ambulance

Infusion Mode: ml/h (include Rate mode, Time mode), Body weight, Drip mode
Accuracy: 士5%
Flow Rate Range: 0.1-2000ml/h (increment 0.01m/h)
VTBI: 0.01-9999.99ml
KVO: 0.01-5ml/h adjustable
Bolus Rate: 0.1-2000ml/h(automatic & manual bolus available)
Occlusion Level: 4 levels selectable
Drug Library: No less than 30 drugs
History Record: More than 2000 entries

Interface: DB15 muti-functional interface
Wireless: WiFi (optional)

Alarm Type: VTBI Infused, Pressure high, Check upstream, Battery empty, KVO finished, Door Open, Air bubble, VTBI near end, Battery near empty, Reminder alarm, No power supply, Drop sensor connection, System error, etc.
Titration: Change flow rate without stopping infusion
Reset total volume: Reset total infused volume to zero without stopping infusion
Reset occlusion level: Reset occlusion alarm level without stopping infusion
Reset air bubble level: Reset air bubble alarm level without stopping infusion
Last Therapy: Last therapies can be stored and used for rapid infusion

AC Power: 110V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
External DC Power: 10-16V
Runninng time ( minimum ) 10huours”