JUMONG Retro 1417 Dr Wired / Wireless

Providing patient throughput in your hospital and beyond

♦ Superb Image Quality
♦ Durability
♦ High Visibility OLEO
♦ Ergonomic Design
♦ Durability
♦ Water Resistant (IPX6)




Superb Image Quality
417SGC/SGG’s high Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) achieves superb image quality with low patient dose.

Lightweight & Fast
417WCC/WGC weighs only 6.61b. Image preview occurs in less than 2 seconds.

High Visibility OLEO
Illuminated OLED window brightly indicates flat panel detector status to the user.

Ergonomic Design
Curved edges and a non-slip surface makes lifting and handling easier.

Supporting up to 660lb., the 141 ?WCC / WGC is manufactured with a seamless magnesium, unibody construction and is combined with a shock, vibration, and scratch resistant carbon fiber composition.

Water Resistant (IPX6)
1417GC/SGG is water resistant to most typical water spills in a hospital as well as in outdoor applications.

Model: 1417 WIRED / WIRELESS