Sonoscape P50 Elite Premium Ultrasound Machine

ELITE in General Imaging

Versatile capability in multi-field makes P50 ELITE a perfect match to the use in general imaging. More accurate and fast diagnosis is facilitated by P50 ELITE with advanced imaging tools.


The caring for maternal and fetal well-being is underlying the conception of designing P50 ELITE. Outstanding 3D/4D imaging. Intelligent evaluation. Streamlined workflow. Those are the exact ways how P50 ELITE is transforming OB/GYN exams.

ELITE in Cardiovascular

P50 ELITE takes the following as its duty, visualize anatomy more confidently with enhanced 2D and color image quality; accelerate exams with automated expert tools; gain quantitative results with advanced capabilities for heart function assessment.

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)

TDI uses myocardial Doppler frequency shifts to present an informative view of myocardial movement indicating velocity and direction.

Stress Echo

A straightforward template for clinicians to conduct stress echo exam. Professional wall motion bulls-eye scoring and reporting provides visualized and intuitive results.

Myocardium Quantitative Analysis (MQA)

Precise quantitative measurement on myocardial mechanics is achieved by MQA based on real-time sensitive wall motion tracking. It provides global and regional assessment including strain, strain rate, displacement, velocity, etc.


P50 Elite’s enhanced capabilities allow for LV opacification during stress exam to enhance discrimination between myocardial tissue and blood pool, providing better visualization of the endocardia border display especially for difficult patients.

Auto EF

Save more time and efforts compared with manual measurement with Auto EF, which calculates ejection fraction based on left ventricular wall tracing and Simpson’s rule.

Auto IMT

Auto IMT makes the measurement of anterior and posterior intima-media thickness much easier with simple placement of the ROI.


ELITE in Design & User Interaction

Ingenious design, constituted with flexible mechanical adjustment, high-definition interface and freely customized setting, touches every element and provides ease of use covering a variety of scenarios throughout clinicians’ daily work.

21.5” high resolution LED monitor with articulating arm and 13.3” high sensitivity touch screen for improved user experience.

Compact, Robust Design

Height-adjustable and Rotatable Console

Power Assistant Battery Operation


Sono-Help is an inspiring tutorial displaying probe placement, anatomy illustration and standard ultrasound image examples. As a useful reference less experienced clinicians could rely on, Sono-Help covers a variety of applications including liver, kidney, cardiac, breast, thyroid, obstetrics, vascular, etc.


Sono-assistant guides clinicians through the entire exam and provides customizable scanning protocol helps streamline workflow while increasing standardization and reducing keystrokes and exam time.


Sono-drop provides a fast and convenient ultrasound image transmission between P50 Elite and the patients’ smart devices. The bond between clinicians and patients are supposed to be strengthened through more frequent communication.


Real-time interface and camera sharing, enabled by Sono-synch, makes it possible to connect two ultrasound in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.