Sonoscape S50 Elite Ultrasound Machine (New Facelift)


Seeing clinicians’ key wants and tasks, S50 ELITE redefines the spectrum of patient care in its segment, especially for OB/GYN applications. To create an easy pathway to exciting ultrasound experience, S50 ELITE provides a delicate combination of outstanding clinical precision, elevated productivity and thoughtful workflow. It is our belief and faith to serve clinicians with fast and reliable diagnosis capability and S50 ELITE is the answer.

Potent CPU+GPU Core

Integrated with upgraded hardware platform, the processing capability and efficiency of S50 ELITE are boosted by several times*; therefore, users are given an enhancing scanning with accelerated imaging and exquisite clarity.

Pleasing Design

The design of S50 Elite took operational use into consideration, creating a comfortable diagnosing environment. Ergonomic design, excellent man-machine interaction and rapid response ensure S50 Elite a better user experience, bringing improved efficiency and helping to prevent fatigue from multiple examinations.


High-performance Transducers

Single Crystal Convex C1-6

Perfect uniformity of crystal alignment generates pure imaging with better penetration and higher S/N ratio, especially for difficult patients mainly in abdominal and OB applications.

Single Crystal Sector S1-5

Innovative single crystal material effectively enhances energy transmission and elevates spatial resolution for better clarity, mainly for cardiology and transcranial applications.

Composite Crystal Linear Transducers

Better acoustic spectrum and lower acoustic impedance technology serve well in vascular, breast, thyroid, MSK, etc. The combo of 12L-A, 12L-B, 9L-A covers an ultra-wide frequency bandwidth, leaving nearly no blind spot for all sorts of scanning.

Ultra-light Crafted Volume VC2-9

Reduced weight, ultra-wide bandwidth, exquisite resolution and penetration at high volume rate, VC2-9 is a one-probe-solution throughout nearly the entire pregnancy.


Sono-Help is an inspiring tutorial displaying probe placement, anatomy illustration and standard ultrasound image examples. As a useful reference less experienced clinicians could rely on, Sono-Help covers a variety of applications including liver, kidney, cardiac, breast, thyroid, obstetrics, vascular, etc.


Sono-assistant guides clinicians through the entire exam and provides customizable scanning protocol helps streamline workflow while increasing standardization and reducing keystrokes and exam time.


Sono-drop provides a fast and convenient ultrasound image transmission between S50 Elite and the patients’ smart devices. The bond between clinicians and patients are supposed to be strengthened through more frequent communication.


Real-time interface and camera sharing, enabled by Sono-synch, makes it possible to connect two ultrasound in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.